Weitech Solar Lantern Inzzzector(Black)

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Pest repellent Inzzzector. Kills flies, mosquitoes, moths ... The Solar Lantern 'Inzzzector' is a multifunctional solar-powered lantern produced by WEITECH.

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  1. Weitech Solar Lantern Inzzzector(Black)
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It features decorative white LEDs for illumination and UV LEDs that attract flying insects, which are then electrocuted onto the grid, and the lantern emits low-powered light through the LEDs. The UV LEDs emit special ultraviolet radiation to attract nighttime insects, especially mosquitoes.
The Solar Lantern Inzzzector works after a day of charging in the sun for a minimum of 6 hours in the UV-LED mode, and a maximum of 20 hours in the regular LED mode.
Around the LED lamps is a high voltage grid of 600 volts. The mosquitoes are killed when they approach the light.

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