Gardigo Live Mouse Trap - 3 pcs

  • Simple fishing method and the mouse stays alive
  • Transparent housing makes a successful catch quickly visible
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Mice in the household are uncomfortable and can quickly lead to impairment of health if the rodents attack food or if you come into contact with their faeces. Eliminating mice from your own environment is important in order to rule out larger, negative consequences.

What is not necessary, however, is killing the mice in the house. The rodents can also be reliably caught alive and finally released back into the wild. The Gardigo Live Mouse Trap is specially designed for this purpose.

The mouse is caught alive by a mechanism and can no longer escape from its trap. If the mouse runs towards the bait, it pushes the frame to the ground and the door that is held thereby closes. The trap remains intact and can therefore be reused. The transparent housing makes the catching success quickly visible and regular trap control is easy. An effective mouse control! Note: The trap must be checked for catch several times a day.

Simple, live, painless - the Gardigo mouse live trap

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