Gardigo Mouse Trap 10 pcs

  • Snap trap in a set of 10
  • Suitable for mice and small rats
  • easy to clean plastic trap
  • can be emptied contact-free
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Do you have big problems with mice? With our snap trap in a practical set of 10, you can also get a strong rodent infestation under control, for example in the barn, in storage rooms or in the basement.

It is very easy to set up: first load the trap with a bait. Spreadable substances such as nut nougat cream, peanut butter or liver sausage can be easily filled into the bait opening.

Now set up the trap along the mice's walkways. These usually move along the walls. It is best to position the traps with the bait side facing the wall. So the mouse can be caught regardless of its direction of travel. Press the clamp down until it clicks into its holder.

By pressing down the clamp, even trapped mice are hygienically removed from the trap without contact. Since the trap is made of sturdy plastic, it is easy to clean and use again and again.

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