Rekord Lignite Briquettes - 10kg - incl. Metalino Haard Glass cleaner- 2 pc

The economical classic in a convenient package including Metalino Haard Glass cleaner. The scratch free, chemical free and dry clean usage of this cleaner is perfect for ovens and stoves.

REKORD brown lignite briquettes 10 kg. The paper packaging is more sensitive to moisture and humidity.

High-quality REKORD fireplace briquettes in a convenient 10 kg bundle pack -  which can be quickly and cleanly delivered by post. Ideal for users who already have their own firewood. Please fire up with firewood first, then add the briquettes. For long-lasting warmth without constant refilling. Ready for immediate use.

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Content: 18 pieces
Weight: 10kg
Calorific value: 19MJ/kg
Ash: 4.5%
Usage: Wood burning stove, solid fuel stove, tiled stove
Stone/piece size: 182 x 59 mm
Weight per stone/piece: 0.580kg
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