Weitech Animal Repeller 40m2


This animal repeller from Weitech chases away rats, mice, acorn mice, stone martens, but also cats, dogs, rodents and more! With this you can protect your garden, garage, trash cans, car and more against unwanted intruders.

  • Easy to charge via USB and 30 days of operation.
  • Chases away different kinds of animals.
  • Alternating sounds against habituation.
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Long-term dislodging: The repeller is easy to charge via USB. The repeller works for 30 days on 1 charge. The LED on top will start blinking green when it is on. When it is nearly empty, the LED will start flashing red.
The repeller makes audible (no ultrasonic) sound for 30 seconds and then switches to a different sound. The pattern repeats every 210 seconds.
The range is 3 to 4 meters in any direction. 
Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 4 cm
TypElektrische Mausefalle, Elektrische Rattenvallen
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