Weitech Insect Killer With Fan 1


Suitable against flies, mosquitoes, poison free and without electrocution. Attracts mosquitoes and flies with UV light. Up to 80 square meters of range. Free your home from mosquitoes and flies free with the Weitech WK120 Flying Insect Killer!

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The WK0120 Flying Insect Killer from Weitech is an effective lamp and fan combination against mosquitoes and flies.The UV light attracts the pests to the fan and then sucks them in so that they cannot get out and die.

The lamp also has three modes:

  1. UV light,
  2. normal ambient light and
  3. dimmed ambient light.

The lamp can therefore also be used as a normal lamp if the mosquito season is over.

Dimensions: 20 x 30 cm

Maximum range: 80 square meters

Consumption: 12 Watt Cable length: 1.5 meters 

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