Weitech Pest Repeller Ultrasonic 45 m2


Mouse and vermin repeller, works on barely noticeable ultrasonic vibrations (above 20,000 Hz).

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The pests flee because they cannot adapt to constantly changing ultrasonic vibrations from the device. The environment becomes uncomfortable and irritable for them. They are obliged to leave the zone. Laboratory tests have proven that the devices are effective against pest nuisance.

Ultrasonic vibrations:

The ultrasonic vibrations are hardly susceptible to humans and animals. Ultrasonic vibrations cannot pass through walls. The signals bounce off hard surfaces. They are absorbed by soft materials such as carpets, sofas, etc. this may reduce the effect of the device. For best results, it is best to position the device so that the vibrations are not hindered by soft materials (for example, behind a sofa or curtain).

Plug the appliance into the wall socket. The device works automatically as indicated on the LED light. Run the Pest Repeller in continuous operation and move it from time to time if necessary. Wait +/- 2 weeks to obtain a good result. Continue to use the appliance to prevent the return of pests.

This device is harmless to humans, women in pregnancy, as well as dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. For indoor use.

Effective against:

  • Mice
  • Shrews
  • Small rodents
  • Fleas
  • Sign
  • Spiders
  • Crawling insects


  • Protected area up to 45m². If the area to be protected is equipped with furniture and soft materials, the unit will protect less area.
  • Can be connected directly to 220V
  • Visible result after 72 hours
  • Maximum consumption of 0.62 Watt
  • The device does not require any refills or maintenance.
  • For an optimal result, also place some additional devices in the nearby places on the same floor.
  • Only to be used indoors.

Caution !:  The device can possibly be harmful to small rodents such as: hamsters, desert mice and ferrets (so do not place them in the vicinity).

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