Weitech Solar Mole Repeller


The Solar Mole Repeller is the way to get rid of moles, voles, etc. from your lawn, garden and vegetable garden.

  • Operates on solar energy.
  • Environmentally and animal-friendly solution.
  • Not harmful to your pet or game.
  • Coverage up to 350 m2
  • Emits a vibrating tone every 30 seconds.
  • High quality, good for years of use.
  • Weather and wind resistant.
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Works on solar energy (so no batteries required) Every 30 seconds, the mole repeller Solar will generate a vibrating tone for a few seconds that moves through the soil. The intensity of this vibration and sound acts on the mole's nervous system, disrupting their communication and social behavior, making leave the site. 

Protected area up to 350 m2. The large solar panel and the built-in battery ensure that the device works day and night, without you having to worry about it.

Placement: In the garden, centrally. Do not place in the mole alley or molehill. Place the tube of the mole repeller in the ground in such a way that the solar panel still protrudes approximately 1 cm above the ground. 

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