Weitech Solar Mole Repeller - 400m2 - 2 per pack


Mole Repeller Mini Solar Mole Repeller
This solar powered device uses sound waves and vibrations to keep harmful rodents (moles, voles, etc.) away.

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How does it work?
The Mini Solar Mole Repeller emits sound waves and thus efficiently chases underground rodents. The sound waves annoy them, simulate a hazard and force them to leave the covered area. The device emits a sound signal for 3 seconds every 30 seconds that causes vibrations in the soil. This can protect an average zone of 650 square meters. The Mini Solar Mole Repeller transmits in all directions. Avoid all obstacles (such as trees, stones, etc.). The device will not work on areas where the ground is too loose or too wet because the sound waves will not move properly.

For effective use of the product, we recommend placing a device every 30 meters on large surfaces.

Power supply
The Mini Solar Mole Repeller is powered by a solar panel. A rechargeable battery monitors the energy so that the device continues to operate overnight. When the battery is fully charged, it provides sufficient power in the dark. This ensures permanent protection day and night.

Box content: 2 pieces

Chases: moles and voles

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