Weitech Solar Snake Repeller Vibrations


Weitech solar snakes and lizards repeller

  • Drives away snakes and lizards
  • With integrated solar panel
  • Protects an area of ​​450 to 650 m²
  • Works with the help of vibrations
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The solar-powered anti-strike device drives away snakes by emitting a pulse that the snakes perceive as a vibration transmitted through the ground. Snakes then perceive a danger zone that prompts them to leave the area.

The snake repeller transmits its signal over a distance of approx. 20 m in all directions. For optimal coverage, the devices can be placed approx. 40 m apart. Two or more devices are recommended for best results.


1. Press ON under the device head, connect the small connectors on the cables from the base of the device head to that of the mandrel, and attach the mandrel to the device head.

2. Press the spike into the ground, being careful not to damage the device. The spike should be pressed in firmly - the base of the head must remain at least 2.5 - 5 cm above the ground.

3. You can see that the device is in operation when its LED flashes during signal transmission and you notice vibrations.

4. After the initial installation, the device may have to be in the sun for a short time so that it can charge and start. If the device stops working, check / replace the rechargeable batteries. If the battery charge becomes too low (due to the lack of sun), it regulates itself to ensure that the signals are given correctly.

Occasionally, snakes that have their usual hiding place nearby can get used to the devices and slowly approach the protected area. Should this occur, the devices should be moved 3 to 4 m every 2 to 3 months.

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